Another way of work (that’s proven to work!)

UPS, Delta Air Lines and hundreds of other employers have worked with The Clean Air Campaign to establish telework, flextime and other alternative work programs – with great success.

Several myths exist about such programs, but the truth is they can be powerful ways to boost morale, elevate productivity and strengthen your organization’s culture and recruitment.

First, some definitions:

  • Telework is a business strategy that allows workers to skip the stressful commute and work from home or an office close to home.
  • Flextime allows employees to avoid commuting during rush hour by giving them flexibility in when their workday begins and ends.
  • Compressed work weeks give employees the option of working the same number of hours but in fewer days – for example, 40 hours in four days instead of five.

These strategies provide one other benefit that is often overlooked: Accommodating the unexpected.
Highway construction, bad weather and major events can have huge disruptions on worker commutes and productivity. But their impact is far less on organizations that have alternative work arrangements already in place.
The Clean Air Campaign can help your organization create an alternative work program. We:

  • Conduct a baseline evaluation to determine your organization’s capacity to implement telework, flextime or compressed work week programs
  • Create customized policies, agreements and documents for a new program
  • Assess the technology infrastructure and provide recommendations
  • Conduct training sessions for employees and managers
  • Provide continuous guidance for evaluating the program and making adjustments
  • Contact us for a FREE initial consultation about alternative work program in your workplace.

Or if you need to build support for such a program inside your organization, let us help you make your case.